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Collections of Monographs - King Abdul-Aziz Al Saoud Foundation for Islamic Studies and Human Sciences — Casablanca
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معرض الشهر : عبد الكبير الخطيبي (2009-1938)
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Collections of Monographs

CollectionCollections of monographs reache 380,000 books and increase annually by an average rate of 13,000 volumes. As for the working languages, Arabic and French count up 39% each, English 17% and other languages 5%, especially for Spanish.

The collections account for the main part of publications pertaining to the Maghreb and the most important works published in Arabic, French and English regarding the Arab World and Islam over the last decades. The collections also include the best academic research papers written in French and in English with respect to theoretical and methodological issues in the field of social and human sciences.